Single-family house in Estonia breaks ground

Building has started on one of DOKK Architects’ very first private house projects!


It will be a 2-storey 3-bedroom house for a family of 4. The main building material of the facade is wood that has been treated with natural oil woodstain to extend its lifespan throughout different weather conditions. We designed the house in two different tones – one of which is natural oak which emphasises on the timeless elegancy of wood texture and the other is white in order to bring out contrasts of building parts. The roof is a ceramic stone roof that is a reliable choice for a durable and beautiful roofing solution all in one.

The house is designed to provide the indoors with maximum amount of natural light. With high ceilings and tall windows the living spaces of the house are designed to provide a sense of seamless attachment to the surroundings. The building will be of energy class ‘B’ as it has been equipped with energy-efficient heating systems that are going to optimise the maintenance costs of the building.

The building follows our design principle of HAPPY ARCHITECTURE – inside the building there are features that promote the well-being of inhabitats. Some of these features include library/recreational space on the top floor of the building that brings the family together for sessions of reading, play, leisure and stories. For big family events the living space can be re-organised in a way that the family is able to host larger groups of people for festive occasions. Additionally, on the outside there is a large terrace space for external activities and there is a dedicated area in front of the building for children’s playground.

Here are some pictures of work in progress on the site:




Over the course of the building process we intend to add extra media to show the building in development.

Micro-house concept design

DOKK Architects have been commissioned to design a conceptual design for a lake-shore cabin development. The micro-houses are dedicated to provide accommodation for the wayfarers in the midst of Southern-Estonian hilly scenes. The house is a compact 20-square-metre lodge equipped with essential commodities for a comfortable stay at the cabin.


Registered DOKK Architects OÜ

We are proud to announce the registration of our architectural office named DOKK Architects!