Peetripere Apartment Building

Location: Rae, Estonia
Phase: Completed
Project: 2021-2022
Construction: 2022-2023
Size: 920m²

This construction project was created as part of an invited architectural competition, with the aim of designing two apartment buildings in the rapidly developing area of Peetri village. The buildings are located on opposite sides of Järvesalu Street, which inspired the main concept of the solution: the buildings are mirror images of each other. The side facing the street is three stories high, gradually tapering down to a two-story structure.

Access to the apartments is provided via external staircases, with the layout primarily aimed at young families, offering mostly three-bedroom apartments. The facades of the buildings use a combination of plaster and wood in gray tones, while the balconies on the south side are finished with lighter wood, adding warmth and elegance to the buildings.