Maardu Culture Centre

Location: Maardu, Estonia
Phase: Outline proposal
Project: 2021
Construction: TBD
Size: 3287m²

1st prize in the competition for Maardu Culture Centre

The new Maardu Culture Centre building and its surroundings are centrally located in the city of Maardu. According to the city’s goals, the plan is to enrich Maardu with a new multifunctional cultural hub and to add momentum to the ongoing development of local culture and social life. Our architectural concept aims to create a comprehensive design for both the centre’s building and the surrounding landscape.

One of our main goals of the project is to create a modern urban space for the residents of Maardu. In our solution for the public space, we used functional movement paths and versatile public activities to provide various conditions for the residents to come together.

The public space has been designed in reference to existing and new daily movement paths, which also follow the spontaneous movement directions of local people. The architectural urban environment is designed to invite both young and old people to frequently visit the Culture Centre. An urban space enriched with different age groups ensures a stronger connection between generations, and it becomes a more attractive and safer space for the community.