Architectural Competition For Kuivastu Harbour

Location: Kuivastu, Estonia
Phase: Outline proposal
Project: 2022
Size: 700m²

Kuivastu Port and its surrounding areas serve as a key focal point for visitors from both Muhu Island and the entire Saare County, acting as a vital link between the islands and mainland Estonia. In line with the competition task, the aim is to enhance the operational capabilities of the ferry and small boat harbor with modern functionalities, providing a comfortable experience for the growing number of passengers visiting the port. The objective is to create a well-suited, diverse, and comprehensive harbor environment that ensures high-quality conditions for essential activities, contributing to the overall development of the local business environment. 

One of the project’s key objectives is to establish a contemporary harbor space for Kuivastu visitors, characterized by a dignified and architecturally cohesive concept. The design incorporates details reflecting Muhu culture, including colors, patterns, and materials. The slim architecture of the buildings draws inspiration from history, recalling the distinctive elongated sailing ship named Uisk, historically used to cross the Great Strait. The conceptual buildings in the design feature dynamically rising roofs reminiscent of the sailboat’s structure, along with low overall forms, providing a modern twist while preserving historical elements.