We are an INTERNATIONAL architecture and design studio.

Our creative approach to each design is rooted in project-driven research on the immediate habitat because we find each location to be unique to its people, culture and way of life.

We believe architecture is to design well-planned spaces specifically for the people to give them a more EXCITING ENVIRONMENT for living. It means to design each project in reference to local details while providing human-scale solution to people’s contemporary wishes.


Our main goal is to create HAPPY ARCHITECTURE which in its nature brings joy for users experiencing a building on the inside, while the exterior inspires people passing on the street.

We intend to operate as partners to property developers, local municipalities, private investors and other groups with an objective to improve the built environment. We provide architectural service and consultation through all phases of the project – from SKETCH TO FUNCTIONING BUILDING.

Having dedicated time excercising architecture internationally we have a wide variety of experiences in providing architectural solutions to the most complex challenges of our urbanising societies.